Open Box provides a programme of alternative education for students aged between 14 and 16 years in Years 10 and 11. Students are accepted on to the programme on a referral basis only and are usually referred by their school or other professionals.


The programme provides learning in a more informal setting for students who find it hard to learn in the structured environment of school and allows these students to achieve in a range of accredited courses.



Complaints Policy and procedure 2016-17.pdf 199.7KB
Anti-bullying policy.pdf 229.4KB
Health and Safety Policy - 2017.pdf 254.5KB
Attendance and Behaviour Policy 2017.pdf 225.6KB
Accessibility Plan - 2017.pdf 222.1KB
Curriculum Policy 2017.pdf 260.3KB
Data Protection policy - 2017.pdf 114.6KB
Equal Opportunities policy 2017.pdf 95.8KB
Inclusion and SEND policy - 2017.pdf 189.9KB
Child Protection Policy Mar 2018.pdf 792.2KB