The Box is a small local charity providing services for young people in the Epping area since 2005, including:

  • a safe social space after school offering activities and advice
  • a professional counselling service for young people
  • dedicated clubs for young people needing extra help and support

Open Box Education Centre is registered as an independent school with the DfE and provides a full time education programme for 14-16s, offering a range of GCSEs and other qualifications as an alternative to permanent exclusion. Visit their website here.

The Box and Open Box Education Centre are situated on St John's Road in Epping, next door to the library. You can contact us on 01992 577 300.


 You gave my son the biggest second chance in life, and thank God he took it. 



 The Box helps me calm down, it gives me a place to have fun and it is a place to meet up with my friends